J-WORLD TOKYO Welcomes Hakyu Hoshin Engi to the Table

Dine, play, and shop in the world of the 90s anime remake


Later this month, J-WORLD TOKYO will be going full 90s, thanks to a collaboration with Hakyu Hoshin Engi. And based on their previous collaboration announcements, we can expect food, merch, and a few re-skinned games and rides.


If you've ever wanted to go for a ride on Supushan, they've got you covered -- the announcement features early concept art of a ride-on Supu:


You can also expect plenty of themed food and drinks from the J-WORLD TOKYO cafés:


Nataku's Lotus Incarnation Cake (green tea cheesecake):

Yozen and Kotenken "Good Friends" Cake (steamed lemon cake):

Ko Tenka and Seikyo Dotoku Shinkun's Hot-Blooded Teacher and Student Dandan Noodles:

Shinkohyo and Kokutenko's Clairvoyance Cake (strawberry shortcake):

Peach Bun and Vegetable Donburi Set (with egg drop soup):

Fugen Shinjin's Chocolate/Fruit Juice Drink with Sesame Dumplings:

Bunchuu's Salt-Grilled Soba:

Collectible items will also be available for sale and as prizes throughout the amusement center.


Oval Pinback Buttons:

Pinback Buttons:

Premium Drawstring Bags:

Acrylic Straps:

Prize Pouches:

Premium Laminated Cards:

Acrylic Standees:

A4 Clear Files:

Smartphone Case:

Pinback Button Collection:

J-WORLD TOKYO's Hakyu Hoshin Engi collaboration runs from April 28 to July 8.


>> J-WORLD TOKYO Website

>> Watch Hakyu Hoshin Engi on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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