Megumi Ogata is a Surly Cyborg in "Magical Girl Ore"

Famous voice actress appears as the Kamen Rider spoof character Ichigo Fujimoto beginning in Episode 04


If you were wondering who provides the voice of the surly Cyborg 1 (aka "Ichigo Fujimoto") in the most recent episode of Magical Girl Ore, look no further, because the voice actress Megumi Ogata has been officially credited with the role of the hard-boiled hero of justice / Kamen Rider spoof.



Ogata was previously announced to be doing a voice for the show back on April 01, 2018. Ogata is probably most famous for voicing characters such as Shinji Ikari in Neon Genenis Evangelion and Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon.



The original Magical Girl Ore manga was serialized in Fusion Product's Comic Be manga magazine. The Magical Girl Ore TV anime is directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and features animation by Pierrot+. Magical Girl Ore is currently broadcasting in Japan and the series is also being streamed as part of Crunchyroll's Spring 2018 lineup.



Crunchyroll describes Magical Girl Ore as follows: 


"Love makes a girl stronger." Saki Uno is working hard as part of the new idol unit, Magical Twin. The one she admires most is Mohiro Mikage, who’s the older brother of her idol unit partner Sakuyo, and he’s also a member of the top idol unit STAR☆PRINCE. She would be willing to do anything for him, and one day, those feelings brought on a miracle. Saki ended up turning into a magical girl when she strongly wished to protect someone... But what she turned into wasn’t exactly what she was expecting...




Official Magical Girl Ore TV anime home page



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