Tokyo Disney Is Selling Snow White Tea Sets and We Want One

New "Afternoon Tea" line includes 33 different products... to start


Japan always seems to be beating us at our own game when it comes to Disney coolness. Their latest move? A new "Afternoon Tea" line that will create full teatime and lunchtime sets based on imagery from Disney favorites. And they're kicking off with the fairest of them all, Snow White.


The first line of goodies is 33 pieces strong, and includes a tea pitcher, assorted plates, silverware, and more. There are even cake stands so you can get extra fancy, and apple tea and assorted cookies to complete the setup!



Not everything is high-end, though. There are also thermoses and lunch bags, if you like the style but don't want to commit to anything especially fancy.



Select items have already gone on sale at Tokyo Disneyland, with more set to roll out over time. At the moment, the collections will only be available at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea gift shops.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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