"Sailor Moon Classic Concert" will Return with Mitsuko Horie (Sailor Galaxia) This Summer

Official fan club has started taking orders for advance tickets

In the repeat performance at Osaka Festival Hall on Saturday, Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in all anime series, announced that "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert" will return with Mitsuko Horie, the voice of Sailor Galaxia in Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (1996-1997), as a special guest this summer.


The 61-year-old legendary anison singer also recently performed "New Moon ni Koishite," the OP theme song for the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal (2016). Along with Mitsuishi, Akiko Kosaka, Mariko Terashita and SUGURU (from TSUKEMEN), Horie will perform as a singer and a narrator.


The new 2018 version concert will be held in Tokyo (the venue is TBA) on August 28 and 29, then at Osaka Festival Hall on September 7. The Sailor Moon official fan club "Pretty Guardians" has started taking orders for advance tickets.


Poster visual for the April 28 concert in Osaka






Digest of the Tokyo concert in August 2017



"Otome no Policy" by Yoko Ishida



"La soldier" by Akiko Kosaka



Source: "Sailor Moon" 25th anniversary project site, Official YouTube channel


© Naoko Takeuchi 

© Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei Animation 


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