Classic Macross Comes to Life in 1/20 Scale Valkyrie Figure

GERWALK mode VF-1 is the largest figure in Macross plamo history


The new PLAMAX Macross figure is making history... and of course, it's Roy Focker who's doing it. The new 1/20 scale model of his VF-1 Valkyrie is the largest in Macross plastic model history.


Measuring 57cm x 62 cm x 50 cm, the VF-1 is a 1/20 scale recreation of Focker's unit. It appears in GERWALK mode, and includes a pilot figure in Focker's colors. The figure also comes with Skull Leader decals to make sure everyone knows who's flying in.



The figure clocks in at 36,852 yen, and is available for preorder until June 6. Figures will ship out in August of this year.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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