"Pop Team Epic" Singer Rocks out for New Pepsi Campaign

Pepsi J-Cola and Sumire Uesaka team up for fast-paced music video


Singer and voice actress Sumire Uesaka is one of nine celebs teaming up to bring their own flair to Pepsi and Suntory's "Pepsi J-Cola" ad campaign. And they're getting a little help from music video app TikTok.



Last month's Fury Road-esque commercial for the new product featured enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa, DJ RENA, and many more in a massive song and dance performance. The campaign is now branching off into mini music videos, calling in the CM's stars as well as other familiar faces.


Participants were given a 20-second cut of the epic music and tasked with making their own mini-MV via the ad. Uesaka's is just as cute and stylish as you might expect.



Pepsi and Suntory's Pepsi J-Cola line was created after a broad poll of Japanese cola lovers to see what they would like in a drink. The result is a new regional style of Pepsi with a deeper flavor, as well as a blackberry "Midnight" variant.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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