"Food Wars! The Third Plate" ED Song Performer Fo'xTails Announces Breakup

The band also provided theme songs for "Kuroko's Basketball" and many other anime series

The official website for four-member Japanese rock band Fo'xTails announced on May 6 that they will break up after their last concert at Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo on August 1 and that the members will pursue their own careers. Their upcoming 7th single song "Atria" to be released on May 23 is now used as the ED theme for the "Toutsuki Ressha/Toutsuki Train" arc of the TV anime Food Wars! The Third Plate.


Vocalist takao says, "In order to not to lose our way, we had kept running feverishly only looking ahead for five years since we formed Fo'xTails. In those days, there had been a lot of issues that we couldn't express in words, such as differences among each member's opinions and directions, in addition to continued frustration that things didn't go so right and smoothly. We talked about if we should continue in such a state, then we reached the decision to break up."


One of the band's two guitarists Narukaze apologizes, "Even though we wanted, it was impossible to

continue. I am sorry." The other guitarist Tera says, "Sorry for such a hasty announcement. I feel so

bad for the people who have helped and supported us."


Then bassist Takayuki Sakamoto explains, "One of the biggest reasons for this decision is that we had

gradually become uncertain about the future of Fo'xTails' music. As we started loosing clear vision about

it created by this four members, it became difficult to maintain our motivation for the band."



The band made their major debut from Lantis in 2015 and performed theme songs for Kuroko's Basketball,

Junjo Romantica 3, Battle Spirits Burning Soul, Dimension W, Handa-kun, and Chronos Ruler. 




"Atria" full MV


Source: Fo'xTails official website


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