Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Fate/GO "Rashomon" Event

Masters must join forces in the Heian Era to defeat a new Berserker


Calling all Gudaos and Gudakos -- if you haven't finished E Pluribus Unum yet, you might want to get that done before next Wednesday. May 16 marks the kickoff of Fate/Grand Order's Rashomon event on Western servers, open to Masters who have finished the game's Fifth Singularity.


Originally run in Japan in May 2016, the event includes the game's first-ever raid. Players will have a BP (Battle Point) counter allowing them to step in and inflict damage on the event's boss, 4-star Berserker Ibaraki-Douji (CV Nao Touyama, illustrated by Hidari):



There will also be a mission list and item shop, as well as a main quest line that offers Sakata Kintoki as a Support NPC.


Craft Essences available during the event, which also boost item drops, include:


Legend of Mahavairocana:

Golden Carp Figure:

The event also marks the release of 5-star Assassin Shuten-Douji (CV Aoi Yuuki, illustrated by Raita Honjou), who will be available to summon for the duration of the event:



The official Facebook page has released a teaser of Shuten-Douji's Noble Phantasm, "Multicolored Poison - Shinpen Kidoku":



If the official announcement post nets either 17,000 likes or 7,000 shares, all players will get a 3 Saint Quartz bonus.


The Demonic Capital Rashomon runs May 16-30.


>> The Demonic Capital Rashomon Event Page

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

Source: Fate/Grand Order USA on Facebook




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