The Revolution Returns in New "Utena" Manga

Three-part series returns to story after more than 20 years


This is not a drill, Utena fans -- they're back.


More than 20 years since Revolutionary Girl Utena first hit the pages and screens, artist Chiho Saito and writer/director Kunihiko Ikuhara have joined forces to write more of the story. The manga release coincides with Saito's 35th anniversary in the manga industry.



Released by Shogakukan's Flower Comics Alpha imprint, the story will run in three volumes: After the Revolution (released today in Japan), Beautiful Thorns, and The Eve of Their Revolution. The new story will revisit Utena and Anthy, as well as Touga, Saionji, Juri, and Miki. The books also include postscripts by the creators on the making of the original manga.



No overseas licensing information is yet available for After the Revolution.

>> Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution on Amazon Japan

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