Hi Domo! Kizuna Ai Collab Cafe Reveals Its Menu

Enjoy coffee, cakes, and spicy minestrone

Here it is -- and not even as soon as we expected. Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai has been staking her claim over the internet and fandom. And now it's time for the next step: a collab cafe menu, courtesy of a team-up with Animate.


The month-long campaign will feature sweet treats reminiscent of the digital host, as well as purchase bonuses for visitors. Currently on the menu:


Maid Cafe Omurice-Style Cake (crepe, sponge cake, raspberry sauce, apple, custard cream, edible decoration):


Ai's Ideal Nest Plate (berry mousse, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, mixed berries, edible decoration):

Kizuna Ai Produce! Special Drink (white water, peach sauce, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, cookie):

Fizzy Juice Bath a la AI Channel (cola, whipped cream, monaka):

Install! Intelligent Super-AI-Style Drink (pink grapefruit syrup, soda, vanilla ice cream, glowing ice cube):

[Snack-AI] Ai-mama's Ginger Ale [with straw] (ginger ale, mixed nuts, cheese snacks)

Virus Infection!? Black Ai Coffee (coffee, whipped cream, black cocoa, cookie)

Kizuna Ai on Trial! Minestrone (INNOCENT Mode: minestrone, monoka; GUILTY Mode: minestrone, monoka, "sudden death" sauce):

Each order will come with one of six coasters:



There will also be limited-edition merchandise, to be revealed at a later date.


The Kizuna Ai Collab Cafe will be taking place at Shinjuku's Animate Cafe from May 29 to June 26.


>> Animate Cafe x Kizuna Ai Collaboration Page

>> Kizuna Ai's YouTube Channel

Source: Anime! Anime!




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