"Otsukai" App Helps Western Fans Get Exclusive Japanese Goods

Japan-side users now being enlisted for new service


Updated 5/15/18


Want Japan-only anime merchandise but can't get there to buy it? Well, first check the Crunchyroll Store to make sure we don't already have it -- you'd be surprised! But for hard-to-get limited-edition goodies, Otsukai (from the Japanese word for "errand") is hoping to be the answer.


The C2C (customer-to-customer) service aims to make overseas goods more accessible to Western fans by pairing them off with Japanese buyers willing to be the go-between. Provided certain conditions are met on both sides of the transaction, fans outside Japan can enlist the help of fans within Japan to get the merch bought and shipped to them for a price that includes the shipping cost.


The service received more than 3,000 overseas applicants on board in the first month. Japanese sign-ups are currently restricted, but are expected to be opened this summer.


Otsukai is run by MANGA.TOKYO.


>> Otsukai Pre-Registration (Japan only)

Source: Anime! Anime!




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