LiSA's Two Best Albums Dominate Japan's Weekly Album Sales Chart

She becomes the first anison singer who achieved the record in history

30-year-old anison singer LiSA released her first two best albums, "LiSA BEST -Day-" and "LiSA BEST -Way-" simultaneously on May 9. According to the latest Oricon sales report revealed today, both albums sold about 42,000 units in its first week, dominating the top two spots of its weekly album sale chart. This is the first time in her seven years and four months career for her single/album to get No.1 in the chart. The previous highest position was 2nd marked by her 2nd album "LANDSCAPE" released in October 2013.


She become the fourth Japanese female artists whose best albums rakned in the top two spots of the chart at the same time, following Ayumi Hamasaki (Mach 12, 2007), JUJU (November 19, 2012), and Kana Nishino (September 16, 2013). And of cource she also becomes the first anison singer who achieved the record in history. LiSA made her solo singer debut in January 2011 and has released 13 singles, four full albums and two mini albums. 


LiSA says, "I am so happy that both of my best albums, 'LiSA BEST -Day-' and 'LiSA BEST -Way-,'

which are made from my seven-year activities, have been received by so many people. I will do my

best to keep delivering music and live concerts that will make everyone's today more and more enjoyable.

One more happy Day is added to the Way I have lived with you together. Thank you very much. Today

is a good day, too!"


Also on Twitter, "I made a great history with you. I am really, really happy. Thank you so much."



"LiSA BEST -Day-" song list:

1. "Rising Hope"

2. "crossing field"

3. "Datte Atashi no Hero."

4. "Shirushi"

5. "AxxxiS

6. "Empty MERMAiD"

7. "Jet Rocket"


9. "traumerei"

10. "L.Miranic"

11. "ID"


13. "WiLL ~Mushoku Toumei~"

14. "Believe in myself"




"LiSA BEST -Way-" song list:


1. "Catch the Moment"

2. "Thrill, Risk, Heartless"

3. "oath sign"

4. "ASH"

5. "Rally Go Round"

6. " Hello Good Day"

7. "No More Time Machine"

8. "Hi FiVE!"

9. "Cosmic Jetcoaster"

10. "Brave Freak Out"

11. "ROCK-mode'18"

12. "Mr.Launcher"

13. "Believe in ourselves"

14. "best day, best way"



LiSA latest artist photo


 Source: Oricon News




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