Voice Actress Yui Ogura Reveals Cover Photos for Her 3rd Photobook "Yuipace"

Her 9th single song "Eien Shonen" will be featured as the OP for Summer TV anime "Ongaku Shoujo"

22-year-old popular anime voice actress Yui Ogura, best known as Hinata Hakamada in Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Homare Kagayaki/Cure Étoile in the ongoing Hugtto! PreCure, will release her third photo collection book "Yuipace" from Tokyo News Tsushinsha on May 25. The publisher has offered two cover photos for the book filmed in Hawaii and Hokkaido. 


The theme for the photos filmed in Hokkaido is "Graduation" (she graduated from the Human and Social Sciences Department of Showa Women's University in March 2018), and that for the photos in Hawaii, including her swimsuit shots in the beach, is "Departure."



"Yuipace" (Tokyo News Tsushinsha/May 25, 2018 release)


She announced the title of the book on Twitter on May 11



Her 1st photobook "yui memory" (Gakken Marketing/June 3, 2014)


Her 2nd photobook "Yui Hatachi" (Tokyo News Tsushinsha/June 24, 2016 release)



In addition, her next ninth single song "Eien Shonen" (Eternal Boy) will be featured as the OP theme

for the upcoming summer TV anime Ongaku Shoujo, in which she also cast as one of the main girls,

Uori Mukae. The ninth CD single is set to be available on on July 25. Then a character song single of

Uori, titled "poppin' rain," will be also released on August 8.




The story of the TV anime follows 11-member "C-class" idol unit Ongaku Shoujo, who belong to PINE

RECORD. Despite the struggle of producer Ikehashi and the members, they have not achieved any success

and are only making a loss. Ikehashi thinks that Ongaku Shoujo must need a new member who can be

an initiator for the success and starts holding auditions. Then one day, Ongaku Shoujo meets the

protagonist girl Hanako Yamadaki.




Source: Tokyo News Tsushinsha press release


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