"Fujio Rock Festival 2018" Celebrates the Life of the King of Gag Manga

Two day event at Yebisu Garden Place in Tokyo features live music, rakugo story-telling, and bon dancing


The year 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of gag manga pioneer Fujio Akatsuka (Osomatsu-kunTensai Bakabon), and to celebrate the author's life, an event entitled the "Fujio Rock Festival 2018" which features live music, rakugo storytelling, and bon dancing will be held on August 01 - 02, 2018, at the Yebisu Garden Place venue in Tokyo.


The musical acts announced so far for "Fujio Rock Festival 2018" include Denki Groove, the Yoshihide Otomo Special Big Band, THE BEATNIKS, and Akiko Yano, with more musicians to be announced at later date. The rakugo performers announced for "Fujio Rock Festival 2018" include Kyotaro Yanagiya, Hadaka Samuzora, Hikoichi Hayashiya, Hakuchō San'yūtei, Hiroshi Shimizu, Kisshō Tatekawa, Shunpūtei Shōta, Hakushu Tôgetsuan, Shōshi Tatekawa, Suidobashi Hakase, and Wasabi Yanagiya.

Tickets to the live music portion of the event retails for 7800 yen ($70.06 US) per day, while tickets to the rakugo portion retail for 4800 yen ($43.67 US) each for both of Wednesday's afternoon and evening performances. The bon dance event is free to the public.



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