Azur Lane x VOTOMS Collab Teased

The most ambitious event in crossover history


So... this is something we definitely weren't expecting.


As Azur Lane -- the other boat girl app -- climbs in popularity -- it's beginning to come more into the fandom mainstream. And with that comes, of course, The Crossover. But its latest tease comes severely out of the blue.


The official Azur Lane Twitter has dropped a logo design for a crossover between their game and Armored Trooper VOTOMS, the military sci-fi series originally released in 1983. The logo is a very cool mashup of the game's title with the show's gritty style. As for what it will entail? We're not sure yet.


The announcement refers to it as a "mini-collaboration," and says it will kick off in mid-June. How exactly this will play out is anyone's guess; but we're hoping this means we'll finally have the chance to marry a Scopedog.






Kara Dennison is responsible for multiple webcomics, and is half the creative team behind the OEL light novel series Owl's Flower. She blogs at and tweets @RubyCosmos. Her work can currently be read in Stranger Tales of the City from Obverse Books.

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