"Fate/Grand Order" Releases Gilgamesh Watch Fit for the King of Heroes

Good heavens, would you look at the time


Whether you love or hate Gilgamesh in Fate/Grand Order tends to depend on which side of his Enuma Elish you're on. Either way, fans of the King of Heroes in any of his incarnations can wear their love of him on their sleeve, thanks to a new collaboration between Seiko and Aniplex.


The Gilgamesh-themed watch is the third in Seiko's collaborative line, following Altria Pendragon and Mash Kyrielight. The gold-faced timepiece comes with two straps: gold (of course) and black with red lining to match the trim of Gil's armor.



The ANIPLEX+ store is currently accepting reservations for the watch, which will run you 45,000 yen (or 48,000 yen if you add on the display stand). Watches will ship out in November.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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