Tate Anime Gets a New Name and Two New Titles

Anime Beans is now the home of "vertical anime"


Tate Anime, Production I.G.'s smartphone-based anime app, is back with new branding and a new set of titles. Say hello to... Anime Beans.


While the name and branding have changed, the service overall has not. The app continues to deliver short anime episodes to users, commissioned specifically for the service and designed to be viewed vertically on a smartphone screen.


In addition to the previously announced Hello, This Is Terumi, Anime Beans will be launching three more new vertical titles: adaptations of Amidamaku's Meshi Numa, Aco Momota's 15-sai, Kyou Kara Dousei Hajimemasu, and Takumei's Caramel Honey.

In addition to its vertical titles, Anime Beans will also mirror some traditional "horizontal anime," including Attack on Titan and Welcome to the Ballroom.

At present, Anime Beans is available only in Japan.


>> Anime Beans Website


Source: Anime! Anime!




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