Miraculous Ladybug Swoops into Japan

French/Korean/Japanese magical girl series will appear on Disney Channel


It's been three years since it first premiered, and a lot longer than that since it was first announced, but Miraculous Ladybug has made it all the way back to the home of one of its co-producers.


Originally aired in South Korea in 2015 before making its way around the world, the magical girl series is a joint effort among Zagtoon, TOEI, and many others. The series is set in France, and stars a young girl named Marinet and a boy named Adrien who turn into the heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir.



Despite this being the show's first official airing in Japan, the show already has a dedicated fanbase all around the country. Since its premiere, the series has been shown in more than 120 countries worldwide.


Miraculous Ladybug will first be available on the Disney Channel app starting July 1, then air on Disney Channel starting July 23.


>> Miraculous Ladybug on Disney Channel JP

Source: Anime! Anime!




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