Virtual Youtuber Fuji Aoi Makes Her Anime Voice Actress Debut in Magical Girl Site

She is also scheduled to make her debut as singer from a major label soon

Following Activ8's Kizuna AI as Hachi, the administrator of one of the magical girl sites, Smarprise's popular virtual youtuber Fuji Aoi is confirmed to make her anime voice actress debut in the next 12th episode of the TV anime adaptation of Kentaro Sato's dark fantasy manga Magical Girl Site to be aired in Japan on June 22. She is set to voice Juugo, another magical girl site's administrator. 



Fuji Aoi in her original form announces the news


Fuji Aoi/Juugo



With a concept "Cheer Leader in Your Heart," she launched her official YouTube channel "Aoi ch." in December

2017. After collecting 22,822,560 yen from the crowdfunding project to look her cuter, which was twice more

than its initial goal, her updated model was revealed on April 27, 2018. The videos on her channel have been

viewed over 9.6 million times in total so far by 110,000 registered users. In addition to her first anime appearance,

she is also scheduled to make her debut as singer from a major label soon.



"Emergence" video to introduce her updated model



She announces her singer debut



Fuji Aoi updated model official visual


Source: Smarprise press release


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