Girls Seek Popularity in Himote House TV Anime in October of 2018

Kotaro Ishidate ("Tesagure! Bukatsumono") directs new series about 5 girls sharing a house in Nakano, Tokyo


Director Kotaro Ishidate (Tesagure! Bukatsumono) is at it again with a new original TV anime entitled Himote House ("Unpopular House") about five young ladies living together at a house in Nagano, Tokyo, and trying to figure out how to become popular with the guys in their lives.


The story of Himote House follows three sisters (Tokiyo, Kinami, and Kokoro Himote), two classmates (Tae Hongo and Minamo Arai), and one pet cat (Enishi) as they share a house, commiserate over the troubles of their daily lives, and come up with strategies to become more popular. The series will feature character designs by Booota and the vocal talents of Aya Suzuki, Satomi Akesaka, Kaoru Mizuhara, Suzuko Mimori, Sumire Uesaka, and Asuka Nishi.

Himote House will broadcast on Tokyo MX and other stations beginning in October of 2018.




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