Kaiji Creator's Manga Ten Gets Live-Action Adaptation

Goro Kishitani of Gatchaman and Black Butler takes the lead


Manga creator Nobuyuki Fukumoto is well known for his mahjong-centric manga Akagi -- but it's that manga's predecessors, Ten, that audiences can look forward to seeing brought to life on screen.


Started in 1989, Ten: Tenhodori no Kaidanji stars Takashi Ten, a mahjong player who steps in to win back his friends' money after major losses -- mostly through cheating, then letting himself get beat up by his opponent. The manga ran from 1989-2002 in Kindai Mahjong Gold.

Goro Kishitani (recently Prof. Nanba in the live-action Gatchaman) will take the role of Ten. In preparation for the role, he took classes from a mahjong master so that he could learn to hold and move the tiles properly. He looks forward to fans and players of mahjong giving the show a go, but also believes that people unfamiliar with the game can enjoy it.


Ten will be produced by much of the same team behind the recent adaptation of Fukumoto's Gin to Kin, in association with the Paravi premium platform.


Fans can look forward to watching Ten this fall on TV-TOKYO, BS Japan, and Paravi.


>> Official Ten Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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