Show off Fate/Apocrypha Style with Six New Coordinate Sets

Jeanne, Achilles, Astolfo, and more inspire next line of SuperGroupies fashion


Whether your allegiances lean Red or Black, SuperGroupies has something for you in their new Fate/Apocrypha line. The geek-centric fashion company creates coordinates evocative of anime series and characters, and their latest line brings to life the Servants of the Nasuverse favorite.


Each set includes a top or jacket, bag, and shoes in the image colors of their respective Servant, letting you make a subtle but notable style statement. Show and character motifs are also worked into the designs, with emblems on the products' inside tags as well.


The line features sets for six fan-favorite Servants.


Shirou Kotomine (Amakusa Shirou Tokisada):


Ruler (Jeanne d'Arc):

Saber of Black (Siegfried):

Rider of Black (Astolfo):


Lancer of Red (Karna):


Rider of Red (Achilles):

The items are available for preorder from now until July 8, or while supplies last. Orders are expected to be shipped out in mid-October.


>> SuperGroupies Fate/Apocrypha Product Page

Source: Anime! Anime!




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