Azusa Tadokoro Shows Off Her Rock Side in TV Anime Baki ED Song MV

Her 7th single "RESOLVE" will be available on July 25

Lantis' official YouTube channel has started streaiming a four-minute full version music video for 24-year-old voice actress/singer Azusa Tadokoro's 7th single song "RESOLVE." The song will be featured as the ED theme for the upcoming new TV anime adaptation of Keisuke Itagaki's martial arts-themed manga Baki to premiere next month. "RESOLVE" will be released in two editions (artist and anime) on July 25.


Tadokoro is best known for her voice acting works as the Aikatsu! anime characters: Aoi Kiriya in the first series Aikatsu! (2012-2016), Yuzu Nikaidou in the second series Aikatsu Stars! (2016-2018), and Karen Kamishiro in the ongoing third season Aikatsu Friends! (2018-). As a solo singer, she has performed theme songs for Myriad Colors Phantom World, Trickster, and WorldEnd (watch the MVs in the bottom of this article).



7th single "RESOLVE" full MV


CD jacket


Artist photo




3rd single "Junshin Always" (February 10, 2016 release/Myriad Colors Phantom World ED)



4th single "1HOPE SNIPER" (October 26, 2016 release/Trickster 1st ED)



5th single "Unmei Dilemma" (January 25, 2017/Trickster 2nd OP)



6th single "DEAREST DROP" (April 26, 2017/WorldEnd OP)



Source: Azusa Tadokoro official Twitter 


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