New Sailor Moon Collab Offers Unique Leatherwork Designs

Lanyards and stamp covers will have you tricked out like a Sailor Guardian


Sailor Moon continues on its anniversary crusade with a new line of products. This time, familiar items take the form of stitched leather accessories.


The new items were made by Ojaga Design, a Japanese-based company known for their high-quality handmade leather products. Fans can puck up a variety of neck straps and stamp covers.



The stamp covers are made to resemble the Moon Stick and Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Each will cover a traditional hanko (those personal stamps used for authorizing documents) and measures 95mm tall.


Both designs are 5,940 yen each, and will ship out in September of this year.



The neck straps come in five designs -- one for each of the Inner Guardians. They're 910mm in length and perfect for clipping on a badge or other identification. Each strap is 10,260 yen, and will also be shipped out in September of this year.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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