Meet Creamy Mami in VR at 35th Anniversary Event

The legendary magical girl has been recreated for a limited-time virtual experience


Old-school magical girl Creamy Mami is back for her 35th anniversary — and you can meet her through the magic of VR!


The Studio Pierrot series originally came out in 1983, starring talent show winner Takako Ohta as both ten-year-old Yuu Morisawa and her magical girl form, 16-year-old idol singer Creamy Mami. The show was released briefly in the US by Anime Sols, and has recently come back to attention via its name checks in Magical Girl Ore.

The VR experience has been overseen by character designer Akemi Takada, and features a 3D rendering of Yuu transforming into Mami. Be sure to look around for little Easter eggs hidden in the experience, such as Yuu's face reflected in a nearby mirror.


The event is sponsored by Gugenka, the creators of the HoloModels line. To that end, a Mami HoloModel will also be going on sale. The apps are digital anime figures that you can collect, pose, and photograph in the real world using your phone.



The Creamy Mami VR Experience will be accessible free of charge as part of the "Angelic Moment -Anniversary-" event taking place later this week. The anniversary event will be taking place from June 28 to July 1 at Tokyu Department Store Kichijōji.


>> Creamy Mami VR Experience Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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