There's PreCure Lingerie? Arienai!!!

Cure Black and Cure White get their own line from SuperGroupies


The PreCure franchise is pretty known for doing the outlandish and unexpected, but we have to admit this caught us by surprise: 15th anniversary lingerie.


The new line from SuperGroupies (who have also created Attack on Titan undies) reimagines Cure Black and Cure White's battle costumes from Futari wa PreCure as frilly lingerie sets. This isn't quite what we meant when we said we wished there were grownup-sized versions of the iconic costumes, but honestly they're so cute we're cool with it.



The sets even remembered to include the pair's Card Communes -- this time as small silver charms on each set's waistband.



If you'd prefer something a little warmer, the line also includes zip-up terrycloth hoodies. Each is color-coded like Nagisa and Honoka's costumes, sporting hearts on the sleeve similar to the pair's glove decorations -- and, of course, a Card Commune zipper pull.


Each item is 9,800 yen, and available for preorder until July 16. Hoodies will ship out in October, and lingerie will ship out in November.


>> PreCure SuperGroupies Product Page

>> Watch Pretty Cure on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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