You Can Compare The Two Teams of Nogizaka46-Starring Sailor Moon Musical in Videos

The tickets for the next shows in September are almost sold out

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's new musical starring Japanese girl idol group Nogizaka46 ended its first run at The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo on June 24. Then the franchise's official YouTube channel has posted two digest videos from the play, introducing the performances of its two teams, "Team MOON" and "Team STAR." Which is your favorite Sailor Guardian team?


The second run of the musical is shceuled to be performed at the TBS Akasaka ACT theater from September 21 to 30. Tickets are alsready almost sold out.


"Team Moon" performance digest video


Team MOON members

  • Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino: Mizuki Yamashita
  • Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno: Riria Ito
  • Sailor Mars/Rei Hino: Kazumi Takayama
  • Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino: Ami Nojo
  • Sailor Venus/Minako Aino: Hina Higuchi





"Team STAR" performance digest video


Team STAR members

  • Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino: Sayuri Inoue
  • Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno: Miria Watanabe
  • Sailor Mars/Rei Hino: Ranze Terada
  • Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino: Minami Umezawa
  • Sailor Venus/Minako Aino: Kana Nakada





Source: Sailor Moon 25th anniversary project official website


© Naoko Takeuchi

© Naoko Takeuchi, PNP/Kodansha, Nelke Planning, Dwango


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