Sunrise and Legendary Co-Launch Gundam Live-Action Film Project

It has been 18 years since the previous live-action project "G-Saviour"

The Gundam franchise's official portal site Gundam info. has posted a 45-second clip to introduce Sunrise's panel at Anime Expo 2018, which revealed a live-action feature film project based on the franchise co-produced by the anime's original producing company Sunrise and Legendary (Pacific Rim). The "first-ever live-action feature film" project will be overseen by Cale Boyter on behalf of Legendary with Sunrise creative team.




As the fans know, this is not the first live-action project based on the Gundam world. Sunrise and Canadian

film production company Polestar Entertainment co-produced a 93-minute television film G-Saviour in 2000,

which was set in an alternate Universal Century timeline. It didn't achieve much critical or commercial success

at the time.


"G-Saviour" DVD jacket


Source: Gundam info.





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