Magia Record Comes Alive in Madoka Magica Stage Show

Magica Gaiden will bring anime and mobile game characters to the stage


The world of Madoka Magica is coming to the big stage... via its mobile game.


Magia Record, a social game expansion of Magica Quartet's popular dark magical girl series, has built Madoka's world up even larger than ever. With new minor characters, the "Doppel" forms that allow magical girls to use their witch powers, and a new main storyline, there's a lot to discover in the story. Which makes it prime material for a stage adaptation.



The show will star members of Keyakizaka46, one of Nogizaka46's sister groups. The story, penned by Fumi Hatamasa (stage shows for Prison School and Negima!), will follow the Main Story arc of the mobile game. Takarazuka veteran Akiko Kodama will be directing.


Magia Record introduces Iroha Tamaki, a new magical girl searching Kamihama City for her lost sister, Ui. While there she runs into Madoka, who is on her own search for Homura.


Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica☆Magica Gaiden will be performed at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo starting in late August.


>> Magica Gaiden Website

>> Watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica on Crunchyroll

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