New Attack on Titan Collaboration Goes Straight for the Neck

Lawson event lets you win DVDs, memorabilia, and... meat


To celebrate the impending third season of Attack on Titan, Lawson is teaming up with Asahi for a collaborative event. Prizes include DVDs, gift cards, limited-edition merch, and four pounds of beef.


The collab kicks off with a redubbed CM featuring the cast of the anime. Merchant Dimo Reeves has figured out a solution to the lack of food and resources in Trost District: Titan neck meat. Dimo suggests repurposing those huge chunks the Survey Corps take out of their prey. The huge cuts of meat become a sustainable food source for Trost, Dimo is declared a hero, and presumably everyone's happy and nothing bad happens to anyone from here on out:



The new CM heralds a two-part campaign taking place at Lawson stores across Japan over the course of the summer. Customers can pick up selected Monster or Wilkisons drink items and earn points toward prizes. Monster drinks will rack up points toward Lawson gift cards, illustrated standees, and special-edition DVD boxes of seasons 1 and 2 of Attack on Titan.

Wilkinsons purchases will count toward matted illustrations, throw pillows, or 2 kg of high quality Japanese Black beef. (The campaign assures us it is not actually Titan neck meat.)



Wilkinson points can also be put toward a run of limited-time Attack on Titan LINE stamps:



The collaboration will be active from July 17 to August 7 in select Lawson locations across Japan.


>> Lawson x Asahi x Attack on Titan Campaign Page

>> Watch Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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