Laughter and Tears Flow in "The Young Innkeeper is a Gradeschooler!" Film Trailer

Children's book adaptation about a girl who sees spirits at her grandmother's inn hits theaters in Japan in September


A new trailer (below) and a new movie poster (above) have been published for Wakaokami wa Shogakusei! ("The Innkeeper is a Gradeschooler!"), an upcoming theatrical anime film based on the children's book series written by Hiroko Reijo and illustrated by Asami about a young girl who trains to be an innkeeper after her parents pass away, only to discover that her inn is haunted by playful spirits.



Wakaokami wa Shogakusei! is directed by Kitarō Kōsaka and features animation by DLE and MADHOUSE. The story follows Oriko "Okko" Seki, a sixth-grade elementary school girl. After losing her parents in a traffic accident, Oriko moves in with her grandmother, Mineko, and lives at a hot springs inn known as "Haru no Ya." There she meets the ghost of a boy named Uribo, and afterwards Oriko begins training as the "Wakaokami" (Young Landlady) of the inn.



Wakaokami wa Shogakusei! hits theaters in Japan on September 21, 2018.




Official Wakaokami wa Shogakusei! anime movie home page



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