New Crowdfunding Campaign Hopes to Kickstart the Next Gainax

Gekigadan is 40% of the way to producing their dream project, Aerial Battleship Atlantis


Becoming this generation's Gainax is a big job, but there are people out there who believe that Gekigadan can do it.


The up-and-coming studio -- made up of 30 college students working from a two-room apartment -- is looking for funding for their current project, the 15-minute OVA Aerial Battleship Atlantis. The team recently partnered with DON'CRY for coverage of the upcoming project, which pays tribute to the anime that inspired them.



At the time of this writing, Atlantis is 40% funded, with 47 days to go. If it makes its goal, the OVA will also get a theatrical release.


The team is inspored by Gainax, who (as we know from shows like Otaku no Video and Blue Blazes) had a similar humble start as college students. Whether they'll be able to make the same leap is yet to be seen... and partly up to us. Their campaign is currently active on Camp-Fire, a Japanese crowdfunding website.


>> Aerial Battleship Atlantis on Camp-Fire

Source: Anime! Anime!




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