You Can Transform into Ultra Seven' Alien Metron with This Special Hoodie

Warning: You can't see the front when you close the hood

Village Vanguard's official online store start offering a new hoodie inspired by Alien Metron. The popular villain aliens first appeared in the tokusatsu TV series Ultraseven's eighth episode "Nerawareta Machi" (The Targeted Town) aired in Japan on November 19, 1967. Since then, the Metron clan has been featured many times in the Ultra series until today, including the recent Ultraman Orb (2016) and the Kaiju Girls project (2015-).


By closing the hood, you can easily transform into the popular ultra alien. But there is an important warning: "You can't see the front when you close the hood." Pre-orders for the 17,280 yen item (about 153 US dollars) is now accepted for a November 2018 release.



You can go to the "Kaiju Sakaba" bar wearing this hoodie.




Source: Village Vanguard Webbed press release




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