Aqours Celebrates Summer with Love Live! Sunshine!! Cafe

Get idol-inspired treats and collectibles from the SEGA Cafe


The girls of Aqours are celebrating summer with a festival-themed cafe! SEGA Cafe will be launching the new Love Live! Sunshine!! collaborating later this month, bringing fans a variety of traditional dishes and one-of-a-kind collectibles.


Get a dish of okonomiyaki or ramen, each of which comes with one of nine mini-bromides. And try out the nine soda blends modeled after the group members, each of which comes with a special coaster.



For dessert, pick one of three parfaits themed after the idols' school years: chocolate-banana (First Year), ramune (Second Year), or strawberry shaved ice (Third Year).



Menu items will be swapped out three times during the course of the cafe's run, so be sure to check in multiple times to see what's new.


The cafe will be accompanied by a summer festival product line, including acrylic standees, keyrings, clear files, and more using the new art.


The Love Live! Sunshine!! cafe runs from July 28 to October 8 at the SEGA Cafe in Akihabara.


>> Love Live! Sunshine!! SEGA Cafe Website

>> Love Live! Sunshine!! SEGA Merchandise Website

>> Watch Love Live! Sunshine!! on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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