Upcoming Film MIRAI Inspires Line of Picture Books

Series will include picture book adaptation and recreations of books from the film


In the wake of the upcoming MIRAI, more hype is rolling out — this time in the form of books. Families who want to share the story of the upcoming film together can look forward to doing so via a line of picture books coming in the near future.



First up will be Onibaba vs. the Moustache, a picture book created specially for the film by children's book writer tupera tupera. Just as Kun-chan reads the book to baby Mirai, families can read this fully illustrated version together.



Next up will be Mirai-chan, I Don't Like You, a picture book retelling of Kun-chan's jealousy of his new baby sister. The story, like the film, will deal with Kun-chan's feelings that baby Mirai has robbed him of his parents' love for him, and how he overcomes this.



An illustrated novelization of the film is also on the way. This book will hail from the Kadokawa Anime Picture Book line, which also published a novelization of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. 



And finally, there's Kun-chan's Train Notebook. Aimed at kids who love trains as much as the film's protagonist, it will feature Kun-chan's favorites, as well as the trains featured in the film.


All except the last book will be released this Friday, July 20th; Kun-chan's Train Notebook will be released on August 2.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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