Get Your Motor Running with New Saber Alter Figure

Altria roars in on Cuirassier Noir in new design from Good Smile


Saber Alter is already pretty awesome... but put her on her motorcycle and she's even cooler. Good Smile Company knows this, and they're releasing a figure to prove it.


Altria appears as she did in the PV for "Epic of Remnant: Shinjuku Singularity," in a cool modern outfit. She's aboard her modded Yamaha V-Max, Cuirassier Noir, and has her sword at the ready.



The 1/8 scale figure stands 270mm tall, from the ground to the tip of Excalibur Morgan, and comes with a stand replicating the torn-up streets of Shinjuku in the game's story.


Figures are available for preorder on Good Smile now for 19,800 yen, and are expect to ship in August 2019.


>> Saber Alter Product Page on Good Smile

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Source: Anime! Anime!




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