SSSS.GRIDMAN TV Anime Bursts into Action with New Key Visual

Additional cast and staff revealed for Trigger's upcoming project based on the 1993 - 1994 tokusatsu superhero TV show


A new key visual, new cast members, and new staff members have been revealed for SSSS.GRIDMAN, an upcoming TV anime based on the 1993 - 1994 tokusatsu TV show by Tsuburaya Productions about a computer-themed superhero. The new staff members announced include:


  • Alexis design: Shigeto Koyama
  • Monster design: Shinji Nishikawa, Hiroshi Maruyama, Ichirō Itano, Shuu Yamaguchi, Mahiro Maeda, Masaru Sakamoto
  • Assistant weapon design: Tsuyoshi Nonaka
  • Junk design: Shouta Mitsumiya
  • Heroic animation chief: Hiroki Mutaguchi
  • 3DCG director: Shinichi Miyakaze
  • 3DCG production: Graphinica
  • Art director: Yukihiro Watanabe (Atelier Platz)
  • Color design: Hitoki Takeda
  • Director of photography: Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto (Graphinica)
  • Editing: Masato Yoshitake (Graphinica)
  • Line producer: Masato Takeuchi
  • Animation producer: Kazuya Masumoto



The new cast members include:



Ryosuke Takahashi as Samurai Calibur.



Katsuyuki Konishi as Max.



Aoi Yūki as Borr.



Masaya Matsukaze as Vit.



Kenichi Suzumura as "Mysterious Boy".



Mayumi Shintani as "Rikka Mama".



Akari Kitō as Hass.


And Suzuko Mimori as Namiko.


Additionally, several monster designs were revealed, including:








And Anti.



SSSS.GRIDMAN is directed by Akira Amemiya (NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION) and features animation production by TRIGGER (Kill la Kill). The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX, MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System), BS11, and WOWOW beginning in October of 2018.



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Official SSSS.GRIDMAN TV anime home page



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