Tokyo Dome Hotel Creates MIRAI Magic in New Collaboration

Tours, take-home gifts, and room décor bring fans into the world of the film


Fans looking to dive deeper into the world of the magical new film MIRAI can book a stay at the Tokyo Dome Hotel — which is currently preparing for an immersive, gift-laden tribute to the Mamoru Hosoda piece.


Titled Mirai no Mirai (Mirai of the Future) in Japan, MIRAI is a family-oriented film about a little boy learning to cope with the arrival of his baby sister. Families who stay in certain Tokyo Dome Hotel rooms in August and September will get to enjoy visuals from the film decorating their suite, in everything from wall hangings to bed linens.



Each room will also have a gift pack consisting of notecards, coasters, and stickers featuring MIRAI moments and character designs.



Also on hand will be a collection of books to read and share, including the four aforementioned new releases: a novelization of the film, a children's picture book based on the story, Kun-chan's Train Notebook, and a real-life version of the picturebook Onibaba vs. the Mustache as featured in the film. Also available to read will be a volume on Hosoda's Studio Chizu, including interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes stories:



The hotel is also right near Tokyo Dome City's MIRAI exhibition at Gallery AaMo! The limited-run exhibit recreates life-sized scenes from the film and pays tribute to Hosoda's other films, including The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars.

Reservations are available between August 18 and September 16, and can be reserved via lottery. Entries are open now, with rooms starting at 49,000 yen per night.


>> Tokyo Dome Hotel MIRAI Reservation Page

Source: Japan Walker Travel




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