My Hero Academia The Movie Bonus Manga Previewed in Video

You can also watch the manga author Kohei Horikoshi's drawing video of Deku

The first one million moviegoers of the upcoming all-new feature film My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes will receive a bonus book that includes a nine-page manga episode "No.0 ALL MIGHT: RISING" newly-drawn by the original manga author Kohei Horikoshi himself. Four days before the release in Japan, the film's official website posted a 15-second preview video for it.


The video suggests that its story is about All Might's past and his relationship with his master. Horikoshi says, "It is a kind of teaser for the episode that is scheduled to be told in the (manga's) main story in future. It feels like that I drew too much..., but I think it's OK!! Maybe!! Probably!!!" 





In addition to the manga, the bonus book also includes character reference for the film and a conversation

between Horikoshi and Eiichiro Oda (One Piece). You can watch Horikoshi's drawing video of Deku before

the two's conversation.





"Four more days until the release"



My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes will open in Japan on August 3, 2018.


90-second trailer


Main visual   



Source: "My Hero Academia The Movie" official website/Twitter


©Kohei Horikoshi, Shueisha/"My Hero Academia The Movie" Production Committee


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