Gintoki Anime VA Tomokazu Sugita Narrates Gintama 2 New TV CM

The live-action sequel's first preview screening was held yesterday

As with the first film, Tomokazu Sugita, the voice of the protagonist Gintoki Sakata in the Gintama anime series, again supports the promotion of the live-action film sequel Gintama 2: Okite wa Yaburu tame ni koso Aru (The Rule is surely there to be broken) as the narrator of its latest TV CM. Director Fukuda thanks the supports by the anime voice cast on Twitter and teases that Kagura's anime VA Rie Kugimiya will also join the promotion in some form soon.


"Hanpanai (overwhelmingly impressive)" edition CM




For the first film last year, Sugita, Kugimiya and Daisuke Sakaguchi (Shinpachi Shimura anime VA) narrated 

a trailer to promote the manga's 69th volume instead of the film.




"Heisei's last summer" edition CM



Fukuda also reported on Twitter that the sequel's first preview screening was held with Shun Oguri

(Gintoki Sakata), Masaki Suda (Shinpachi Shimura) and Jinki Tozuka (Sagaru Yamazaki) yesterday.



The highly-anticipated sequel is again directed by the first one's Yuichi Fukuda. It combines the original

manga's two popular stories: the "Shinsengumi Douran-hen/Shinsengumi Crisis Arc" (chapter 158-168)

and the "Shogun Settai-hen/Shogun Reception Arc" featuring the 14th ruling Shogun of Edo, Shigeshige



Gintama 2: Okite wa Yaburu tame ni koso Aru will open in Japan on August 17, 2018.



Full trailer


Poster visual



Source: "Gintama" live-action film website, Yuichi Fukuda TWitter


(C)Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha

(C)2017 Movie "Gintama" Production Committee


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