Idols Pull a Switcheroo in Voice of Fox TV Anime

TV anime about a handsome idol who uses a "ghost singer" heads to Tokyo MX in October of 2018


The contents don't match the packaging in Voice of Fox (known as Kitsune no Koe in Japan), an upcoming TV anime about a handsome male idol with a lousy singing voice and a mysterious fox-mask clad "ghost singer" who join forces to conquer the entertainment world. The main cast and staff have been revealed for the series, including:



  • Director: Koujin Ochi (aka Hirohito Ochi)
  • Series composition: Yoshimi Narita
  • Character design: Aki Tsunaki
  • Prop design: Rie Nishimura
  • Art settings: Shiori Shiwa (KUSANAGI)
  • Art director: Hatsumi Kumano, Saho Yamane (KUSANAGI)
  • Color design: Yoriko Matsumori
  • Director of photography: Shinya Matsuzaki, Ryotaro Nakano
  • Editing: Michi Takigawa (REAL-T)
  • Music: Minami Nozaki
  • Sound director: Hiromi Kitaku
  • Sound effects: Takahiso Ishino (Chura Sound)
  • Sound production: Tavac
  • Opening theme: "COME:BACK Stage!" by LoveDesire
  • Planning: Liu Xiangdong
  • Producer: Tagei Takamoto, Satoshi Yamaguchi
  • Animation producer: Atsushi Urushiyama
  • Video director: Hiroshi Tsubai
  • Animation production: Yumeta Company



  • Kengo Kawanishi as Hu Li.
  • Hisayoshi Suganuma as Kong Que.
  • Satoshi Hino as Ji Hetian.
  • Arisa Kouri as Chuyun.
  • Shô Hayami as President Kim.
  • Yukiko Motoyoshi as Honye.
  • Rena Maeda as Shuaru.
  • Shiki Aoki as Yushin.
  • Subaru Kimura as Janyao.


The story of Voice of Fox follows Hu Li, a "ghost singer" who hides his face behind a fox mask, and Kong Que, an idol with a handsome face but no talent for singing. The two singers don't particularly get along, but together they challenge their rivals in a bid to claw their way to the pinnacle of the idol world.


Voice of Fox will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX and other stations beginning in October of 2018.





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