TeniMyu Turns 15 with Its First-Ever Cultural Festival

Exhibits, food, and goods will be available to celebrate the milestone


This past April, the Prince of Tennis musicals — or "TeniMyu" for short — celebrated their 15th anniversary. Based on the franchise of the same name, they've developed their own fan base in the anime community. And that fan base can look forward to something major for the occasion: a "cultural festival" celebrating the musicals.



This fall, Tokyo's Sunshine City will be hosting the weekend-long event in Exhibition Hall A. Attendees can enjoy exhibits, cafés with special menu items, and limited-edition goods. More information on what exactly each of these will consist of is forthcoming.


The event is scheduled to take place November 23-24, with tickets going on sale October 21 for 3,500 yen.


>> Prince of Tennis Musical 15th Anniversary Cultural Festival Website

>> Watch The Prince of Tennis II on Crunchyroll


Source: Anime! Anime!




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