Browser Game CIRCLET PRINCESS Gets 2019 TV Anime Adaptation

SILVER LINK animates project based on "fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG" by DMM GAMES


Augmented reality and high school sports collide in CIRCLET PRINCESS, an upcoming TV anime based on the "fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG" for web browsers developed by DMM GAMES. The main staff has been announced for CIRCLET PRINCESS, including:


  • Director: Hideki Tachibana
  • Series composition: Nachi Kio
  • Main original character design: saitom
  • Character design: Kazuyuki Yamayoshi
  • Animation production: SILVER LINK


The main cast has been announced as well, including:



Juri Nagatsuma as Yuka Sasaki.



Saki Nakajima as Miyuki Kasahara.



Kaori Mizuhashi as Ayumu Aizawa.



Hitomi Nabatame as Rena Kuroda.



And Mai Goto as Nina Avelin.


CIRCLET PRINCESS is set in the near future, where augmented reality technology is so pervasive that it has changed the face of society through the "Mixed Reality System", creating a popular new sport called "Circlet Bout". Traditionally played by high school girls, players who are successful in Circlet Bout can garner national media attention. One school, St. Union Academy, was previously known for fielding a powerhouse Circlet Bout team, but the school has recently fallen on hard times. Will Yuka Sasaki, a transfer student from the mountainous Wakayama Prefecture, be able to turn their losing streak around?


CIRCLET PRINCESS will broadcast in Japan in 2019.




Official CIRCLET PRINCESS TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@cirpri_anime)



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