Seven Samurai Students Join the Cast of Gakuen BASARA TV Anime

Parody of popular Capcom franchise transplants the Warring States Period to modern Japan in October of 2018


A new key visual (above) and seven new cast members have been revealed for Gakuen BASARA, an upcoming TV anime that re-imagines the feudal warlords of Capcom's Sengoku BASARA franchise as unruly high school students in modern day Japan. The new cast members include:



Sayaka Ohara as Saika Magoichi.



Ryōtarō Okiayu as Toyotomi Hideyoshi.



Akira Ishida as Takenaka Hanbei.



No voice actor was announced for Fūma Kotarō, presumably because he's a ninja, and ninja are meant to be neither seen nor heard.

Tomohiro Tsuboi as Maeda Toshie.

Yūko Kaida as Matsu.

And Ami Koshimizu as Tsuruhime.



Gakuen BASARA is directed by Minoru Ohara and features animation by Brain's Base. The series will broadcast on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) on Thursdays beginning on October 04, 2018, and on BS-TBS on Saturdays beginning on October 06, 2018. The exact time slots for the broadcasts have not yet been revealed.




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