Conan vs. Conan: Late-Night Host Squares up Against Anime Detective

Which Conan is the tops in Google searches in Japan?


It seems late-night host Conan O'Brien has met his match — in the form of a famous anime character who shares his name.


On a recent show, O'Brien said he discovered he was not the top search result for "Conan" in Japan. Surprisingly to him (but unsurprisingly to us), the star of Detective Conan takes that honor overseas.


But O'Brien has a bone to pick with the pint-sized detective, claiming a man-child with skinny legs named Conan is copyright infringement but a cool 3 trillion yen could make it all go away:



All joking aside, it's pretty obvious O'Brien isn't actually upset. The host has dipped his toe into overseas entertainment before, having stopped in at dubbing studio Bang Zoom! to lend his voice to a (parody) Ghost in the Shell track. He's also appeared in an episode of Korean drama One More Happy Ending.


So, no. Obviously there isn't a lawsuit on the horizon. However, if O'Brien thinks he's this close a match for Conan Edogawa, we'd love to see him put his money where his mouth is. Cosplay challenge, Conan?


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