Meet the Vicious Criminal Syndicate of RELEASE THE SPYCE TV Anime

Original production with animation by Lay-duce hits Tokyo MX and other stations in October of 2018


A quartet of villainous vixens have joined the cast of RELEASE THE SPYCE, an upcoming original TV anime about a group of high school girls who moonlight as spies to protect the peace of their city. The new cast members make up the criminal syndicate known as "Mohryou", and they include:



Shizuka Ito as Buncho, the leader of Mohryou and a woman whose appearance is shrouded in mystery. Buncho keeps a Java sparrow named Chicchi as a pet, and she is very affectionate toward the little bird.



Risa Taneda as Theresia, an impressive young woman with silver hair and azure eyes. Theresia is Buncho's top assistant.



Aina Suzuki as Byakko, a girl whose extreme youth is matched only by her extreme influence and power. 



And Saori Hayami as Dolte, an infamous and narcissist​ic mercenary.



RELEASE THE SPYCE is directed by You Satou and features animation production by Lay-duce. The story follows a group of girls that attend Soragaki High School but that also moonlight as spies for "Tsukikage", a private intelligence agency that gathers information in order to protect people and work for justice. Will the girls of Tsukikage be able to defeat the criminal organization known as "Mohryou", which currently holds the city in its evil grasp?


RELEASE THE SPYCE will broadcast on MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) beginning on October 06, 2018, with additional broadcasts to follow on Tokyo MX and BS11 beginning on October 07, 2018.




Official RELEASE THE SPYCE! TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@releasethespyce)



Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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