Gintama Takes Over J-WORLD TOKYO on School Field Trip

Gintoki chaperones a field trip full of snacks, gifts, and attractions


We don't know whose idea it was to put Gintoki in charge of a school trip, but here we are. And thanks to that, we have a cool new J-WORLD TOKYO collaboration to look forward to.


The two-part event is themed to a weekend school trip, with each period corresponding to one night. During both "nights," you'll be able to listen to audio of the characters in their rooms at the inn as they chat with each other and refuse to go to sleep.


Also available, of course, will be themed menu offerings. Here are a couple of the things you can pick up at the event space's cafe:


Sweeeee~t Ryokan Breakfast:

Marshmallow Cocoa Pillow Fight:

The attraction will also be offering a variety of goods featuring the cute new art for the event:




If you're really into the art for the event, you can pick up a set with acrylic standees to recreate the scene for yourself!



The Gintama event runs from September 7 to December 2, with a format change-up on October 20.


>> Gintama School Trip in J-WORLD TOKYO Website

>> Watch Gintama on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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