Slice-of-Life Fantasy TV Anime Endro~! Adds a Holy Elf to the Cast

Shiina Natsukawa will voice Seiran Elenoir in upcoming original project from Studio Gokumi


The second main cast member has been revealed for Endro~!, an upcoming original slice-of-life / fantasy TV anime.


In Endro~!, voice actress Shiina Natsukawa plays Seiran Elenoir, aka "Seira".



Seira is an elf who fills the role of "saint" in the adventuring party. Seira takes her role a bit too seriously and is always trying to keep the party on the straight and narrow, so she's kind of the "straight man" of the group. Although Seira has the most common sense of anyone in her party, she's bad at everyday tasks such as housework, and she often loses items and forgets things. Despite being an elf, Seira has poor eyesight, and she can't shoot a bow unless she's wearing glasses.



Endro~! is directed by Kaori (How to Keep a Mummy) and features original character designs by Namori (YuruYuri) and animation production by Studio Gokumi (KINMOZA!). Endro~! will broadcast in Japan beginning in January of 2019.




Official Endro~! TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@endro_anime)



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