Talented Taxidermist Joins the Cast of Golden Kamuy TV Anime

Anime based on Satoru Noda's anarchic adventure manga returns to Japanese TV in October of 2018


A mother's boy who wouldn't hurt a fly is joining the cast of Golden Kamuy, because voice actor Yūma Uchida has been announced in the role of Yasaku Edogai. A taxidermist by trade, Edogai moved to Hokkaido because the cold climate was conducive to his trade, and due to his...peculiar...interests, he is recruited by Lt. Tsurumi in a conspiracy to forge fake tattooed skins.



The original Golden Kamuy manga is serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump seinen manga magazine, and an English language version is also available from Viz Media. The Golden Kamuy TV anime is directed by Hitoshi Nanba and features animation by Geno Studio. The first season of Golden Kamuy is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, who describe the story as follows:



The story takes place in the mighty Northern field of Hokkaido, the time is in the turbulent late Meiji Era. A post war soldier Sugimoto, aka, “Immortal Sugimoto” was in need of large sums of money for a particular purpose…. What awaited Sugimoto, who stepped into Hokkaido’s Gold Rush with dreams of making a fortune, was a tattoo map leading to a hidden treasure based on hints inscribed on the bodies of convicts in Abashiri Prison?! The magnificent nature of Hokkaido vs vicious convicts and the meeting with a pure Ainu girl, Asirpa!! A survival battle for a hidden treasure hunt begins! 


Golden Kamuy returns to Japanese TV for a second season in October of 2018, and the series will also continue to stream on Crunchyroll.




Official Golden Kamuy TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@kamuy_anime)



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