Haruka Takachiho's New Dirty Pair Novel Coming This Year

Illustrations are confirmed to be drawn by the original illustrator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

66-year-old Japanese novel author Haruka Takachiho has announced on his official Twitter account that Dirty Pair no Daichouyaku (Dirty Pair's Big Jump), the long-awaited eighth volume of his long-running Dirty Pair sci-fi action novel series, is scheduled to be released from Hayakawa Publishing before the end of this year. It has been 11 years since the last seventh volume Dirty Pair no Daiteikoku (Dirty Pair's Great Empire) was published in Japan in October 2007.


Takachiho also confirmed that illustrations for the new volume are drawn by the original illustrator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who has been attached to the series for almost 40 years since its first volume Dirty Pair no Daibouken (Dirty Pair's Great Adventures) in May 1980. Takachiho said Yasuhiko had already started working on it (probably), and added one day later, "I decided to write a new story because of Yasuhiko-san's strong request, 'We have had enough Joe (Crusher Joe), so would you write a new Dirty Pair story now?'"





"Dirty Pair" main novel series list:

 1. "Dirty Pair no Daibouken" (Dirty Pair's Great Adventures) - 1980 

 2. "Dirty Pair no Daigyakuten" (Dirty Pair Strike Again) - 1985

 3. "Dirty Pair no Dairansen" (Dirty Pair's Rough and Tumble) - 1987

 4. "Dirty Pair no Daidassou" (Dirty Pair's Great Escape) - 1993 

 5. "Dirty Pair no Daifukkatsu" (Dirty Pair's Great Resurrection) - 2004

 6. "Dirty Pair no Daiseifuku" (Dirty Pair's Great Conquest) - 2006

 7. "Dirty Pair no Daiteikoku" (Dirty Pair's Great Empire) - 2007



Novel 1st and 7th volume covers



Source: Haruka Takachiho Twitter via: NetLab


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